About Us

“Customer Satisfaction is Our Proud Reward”



With over 10 years experience and expertise in cleaning, our management and staff who love cleaning and have service mind got together to set up Sahasamakkee Services Company Limited

We strongly believe that ‘the quality of service’ is the key attribute so we work hard in every step from experienced cleaning staff recruitment, intensive special training, service quality inspection to service improvement & development in order to create the highest customer satisfaction.


Our Philosophy

“Moral, Hard work, and Unity keep us strong.

Service excellence keep our customer happy”



We will be the leader in building management and cleaning service industry who can create trust and highest satisfaction among customers.


Professional Team

To build highest customer satisfaction, we have a perfect combination of departments to guarantee excellent service that meet the standard of our company.


Management Team 

We develop strategic plans to accomplish the company’s goal. The plans include staff development programs in knowledge and attitude development. Moreover, we also create flexible and customised service solutions to meet different customer requests from both public and private sectors.


Quality Control Team

Service quality control is also our top priority. Therefore, a rigorous inspection are done continuously and regularly to ensure customers that our standard are met resulting in their trust toward us.


Operation team

We believe that skills, service mind, and especially, honesty are the most important qualities of our cleaning team so everyone will receive the intensive training to meet the same standard before starting the job.


Equipments and Cleaning Products Selection

Selecting cleaning products, including solutions and chemicals, is also the crucial for cleaning services, as this will affect safety and hygiene of our customers and can create impact on environment. We always select products and services that are certified by Ministry of Public Health and other international health organization. Our clients can rest assured that the products we use in their premises are both sanitized and safe.

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